Why Our Pork Has Better Eating Qualities

Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs

Grassfed Farms raises heritage breed, Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs (GOS). We sell feeder pigs, breeding stock, The Whole Hog, Half Hog and delicious pork by the cut in our store on the farm.  DSC_0008

We raise our hogs to be healthy using organic/natural methods. The pigs are grazed year round and finished in woods where the acorns are plentiful. We focus exclusively on the Gloucestershire Old Spot breed which is an old world pig know for its superior eating quality.

About The Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig

Gloucestershire Old Spots are beautiful pits with a distinctive white coat marked with black spots that is becoming popular among homesteaders, pork producers, consumers and chefs. The breed escaped the commercial industrialization of the pork industry and reflects its original heritage today. This breed was historically grazed on small farms producing high quality pork that typically grazed in orchards.

Production Advantages

DSC_0043Old Spot pigs are friendly, tough, and easy keepers that love to graze. They thrive in the outdoors and in the pasture and do not do damage to the pasture so long as they have plenty of forage. The sows are excellent mothers and easy to handle. We move our pigs around the farm frequently. We just back up a trailer and they jump on.

Gourmet Quality Pork

Old Spot pork is red, marbled, succulent and  superior to that  commercially produced pork. Those who have tried it rave about it. Sausage is outstanding. The meat is nicely balanced, and is neither too lean nor too fat even at heavy weights. This breed is 2014-12-31 08.41.55becoming highly sought after by both US and European chefs because its meat is tastier, more succulent, and more tender than traditionally raised pork. The Old Spot breed dates back century’s and has always been considered a superior eating experience.

Heritage Breed Advantage

The Old Spots was a traditional small-farm pig in Britain. Because of this, it was passed up in the rush to breed for commercialization that caused so many old breeds to be modified for hyper-efficiency and hyper-leanness in confinement conditions.

Because these heritage breeds possess the genetics that predate agricultural commercialization they can thrive when grown naturally .
The purpose of our livestock is to provide food. That’s a given. But, the animals we raise for food deserve a quality life in a DSC_0006wholesome environment.
At Grassfed Farms you will enjoy seeing pigs enjoy being pigs.

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