Grass Fed Beef

Our cows are happy!


Our cows are raised and finished on grass. We feed no grain and we do not use steroids or growth hormones to make them grow faster. Instead they eat as the earth provides, from the top one third of the plant where the nutrients and sugars are. We move them to fresh grass several times a day. By constantly moving the herd to fresh pasture they don’t eat down to the ground where the parasites are found . So Grassfed cows stay healthy and we don’t even have to worm them. This way, you get is medication free meat.

Our Grass Fed Beef Is Better For You – Here Is Why  Lower in saturated fats and improved CLA’s. Our meat is comparable to eating wild salmon. Here is a scientific report that gives all the details.  Why Grass-Fed Trumps Grain-Fed

Our Fodder system produces grass year round. Grown hydroponiclsy in a controled inviornment. We feed it to cows, pigs and chickens. They all love it.
Our Fodder system produces grass year round. Grown using hydroponics in a controlled  environment. We feed it to cows, pigs, and chickens. They all love it.

 The first thing we learned is that you must become a grass farmer if you want to produce quality beef.  The next thing we learned is that the cows help you become a successful grass farmer. And it all comes together with controlled grazing. Some refer to the process as Intensive Grazing or Mob Grazing. By grazing the cows in a small area they eat all the plants in the area. This helps to keep the weeds from producing seed heads and replenishing. The weeds just eventually go away and we never spray. That helps the soil produce the microorganisms it needs to become healthy naturally. The top one third of the grass plant contains the nutrition the cows need so once they consume the top third of the forage we move them to a new area. This is a fresh area and so the cows are always on fresh grass. As the result of this practice the cows are not feeding down to the soil level of the plant where they can pick up parasites. So worming them isn’t necessary. I don’t know how long cows have existed. During most of their history they thrived on grass. They moved about their environment eating the portion of the plants that contained what they needed and in the process they generated new growth and the world was a nice place. It wasn’t until man fenced them and then put them in feed lots that they began to be less healthy. To make the industrial beef system work today cows are fed grain which their digestive system is not designed to process and they become ill so industrial system gives them antibiotics and adds growth hormones to make them grow faster. So when you eat the industrial beef you get saturated fat because they eat the grain which is a carbohydrate the cow converts to fat. You eat the beef with the fat and it converts to cholesterol, and you know the rest of the story. And by the way, you also consume some of the de-wormer, antibiotics, and growth hormones. With our beef you won’t get any of that. What you will get is tender meat that tastes really good.  

How To Buy Grass Fed Beef From Grassfed Farms

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