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Buying direct form the farm is a different experience than shopping at your local grocer. It is a much more personal experience so feel free to come when you are not in a big hurry and we’ll get acquainted. This is important to us because we want you to know how and why we do things. It’s an on going learning experience and we want our customers to be a part of that experience.

You can buy the complete live animal, half of a carcass, or individual cuts from our farm store. Just e-mail us at or call 404-316-4679 and we will e-mail you an order form which has current availability and pricing. The order form also includes the information you need if you want to purchase a whole or half animal which is the most economical way to purchase but the up front investment higher. Fill out the quantities for each item and e-mail that back to us. We will fill your order and have it ready for pickup. Our farm store is open on Thursdays and Fridays of each week.

Click on our farm store page to see what is currently available.

Call Farmer Murray at 404.316.4679 or email him at .

Opened Thursday and Friday

Note: We will send you the order form in both excel format and PDF format. If you use MSF Excel the price will automatically extend and show the total amount for the weight you want to purchase. The final price will fluctuate slightly because the cuts will not all be exactly the same weight. If you do not use Excel you can notate what you want on the PDF order form. Then scan and send the order back to us by e-mail or transmit by fax to 706-754-8313. Or, you can just simply see what we have in the farm store and send us an e-mail telling us the cut and quantity you want. 

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