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No Antibiotics – No Growth Hormones – Steroid Free – No Grain – Lower in Saturated Fat – All Natural – Tender – Great Taste – Heritage Breeds

Grassfed Farms is about producing grass fed beef and pasture raised pork for our health conscious family members and our DSC_0126friends and neighbors. We are not a big farm and we don’t have plans to feed the world. Just those around us who want to know how their food is raised and want access to food that is healthy to eat, is tender, and tastes really good.

Our cows are raised and finished on grass. We feed no grain.  We use no steroids or growth hormones to make them grow faster. We move them to fresh grass several times a day. They eat the top one third of the plant that contains the nutrients and sugars they need to grow. By constantly moving the heard to fresh pasture they avoid parasites at ground level. So the cows stay healthy and we don’t  worm them. So what  you get is medication free meat.

About Us

Like many life changing events, we are driven by the inspiration of desperation.

DSC_0016.tifaAfter a lifetime of business travel which promoted a lack of exercise, stress and a diet that was not conducive to good health I found myself with health challenges that befall many of us when we get older. In my case it was prostate cancer, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, over weight and the health challenges that come with such conditions.

Doctors told me that the diabetes would stay with me and cause more health problems. They prescribed medication and suggested I change my diet and get more exercise. These seemed like  simple prescriptions but the medication caused other issues and it is difficult to find food that is not full of sugar and saturated fats. Exercise…I’m working on that.

We are what we eat! Most of us know that. But, it is difficult to find something that is enjoyable to eat and hasn’t been bathed in toxins or fed substances that cause our bodies harm. None of us want to give up and just let our bodies deteriorate  so we read all the news letters and absorb all the information we can find. There are study’s on top of study’s that tell us what is bad for us and what the magic cures are.

I have concluded that God and nature have developed pretty good formulas that work well if man and  governments will leave them alone and let them do what they are designed to do.

The closer we can get to the way nature designed our foods the better it is for us to eat. In the effort to feed the masses our food production systems have modified nature and in some cases abandoned nature entirely.

Here at Grassfed Farms we are about reclaiming the heritage breeds and the restoration of the genetics of our forefathers and the return to more natural methods or DSC_0043raising our livestock.

This is the point that one can get on a soap box and talk about carbon depletion in soil and genetic modification  of plants and livestock to conform to industrial food production. While these are real issues and the more I learn about them the more concerned I get; the facts are, I don’t have the time or resources to change the world. However, I can change what I eat and help my body get back on the road to better health and I can help to raise the level of understanding of what good foods is and what eating wholesome food means to those around me.

Fortunately, we have a 110 acre farm just down the road from where we live. We decided to raise our own beef and pork (we are adding poultry for consumption and eggs soon) and we built a garden and greenhouses so we could grow vegetables without using pesticides and herbicides. In addition, we are collecting DSC_0165a__b_tonemappedheritage breeds of cows, pigs, and chickens and we are breeding them to recover the genetics that thrive on those things that nature provides.

For sure it has been a learning process. Over the years we have learned about sustainable agriculture and the benefits of these practices to make the soil more fertile. We have learned how to graze cows to get the most growth and nutrition from each grass plant  so that our farm will support even more cows.  And, we learned how to manage the grazing process so the cows grow and maintain their health without antibiotics and growth hormones.

I learned that industrial beef could be one of the contributors to my health problems because it is produced  by rounding up cows from all over the country,  corralling them in a feed lots where they have limited movement, and are fed grain. This is the problem. Grass is what cows are designed to eat. Not Grain.  Grain irritates the cow’s digestive systems. They are treated with antibiotics keep them from getting sick.  The antibiotics keep the cows healthy enough to grow to harvest weights. They are fed  growth hormones so they will gain weight faster and finish the process.

Cows are healthier when they eat grass. And we are healthier when we eat beef that eats grass.

Ok, to make a long story short we determined that we would grow as much of our own food as possible on our farm. We also want our family and friends to benefit from the activity. With a 110 acre farm we can’t have a big volume business but we can make our grass fed beef and pasture raised pork, chicken and eggs available to some those around us who want a better alternative.DSC_0023

As time progresses we hope our farm will be a place where families can come to learn about about heritage breeds and sustainable agriculture. Children need to know that eggs come out of a chickens rear end and not from a styrofoam carton in the grocery store. They need to know that the meat they eat comes from livestock who’s purpose is to provide  their food. And, animals deserve respect and a quality of life in a wholesome environment.

There is a growing interest in agro tourism. Parents are realizing that children are removed from the farm life and have little awarness of livestock. Thinks that make them better rounded people by having an understanding nature and how it works. We have two houses that have been remodeled for weekend and weekly farm stays. And, we will soon start on a third.

Visitors are welcome to participate in farm activities, buy grass feed beef, pasture raised pork, chicken, or eggs from the farm store. You can even pick your vegetables from the garden. Our market garden and  greenhouses offer a variety  year round produce.

image-1From time to time we have professional chefs hold cooking schools that will give instructions on how to prepare local foods to get the most pleasing results.

We offer canning classes. You can come stay at the farm, pick your vegetables from the garden and can them yourself with the supervision of certified instructors. If gardening is your thing we have gardening classes where we will teach you about secession planting, companion planting, hydroponics, growing in limited space and growing vegetable’s year round.

Many of our customers want to maintain their own flock of chickens for both meat and eggs. We have poultry workshops for those who want to learn the how to successfully raise chickens.

So, we invite you to come and be a part of our learning experience. We look forward to getting know you and we hope to see you soon.

Murray and Angela Provine

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