Applying the highest standard to the herd

This post is a continuation of our story as to why we raise grass-fed beef, pork, and poultry.

15 years ago when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer I began a search for the best way to deal with my problem. I am still here so I was successful.  My search led in many directions, one of which was the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. This institute is the result of Ann Wigmore. She was a research chemist, holistic health practitioner, nutritionist and author who wrote about the benefits of eating a raw food diet.

Screen shot 2015-03-20 at 5.52.58 AM    She lived from 1909 to 1994 and die of smoke inhalation when her laboratory caught       fire and she was trapped. I understand that she was in perfect health form a lifetime         of practicing what she advocated.

    Her methods are still being promoted today by the Ann Wigmore Natural Health in         Puerto Rico and the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.

This is where I learned about the rejuvenating benefits of wheat grass and barley grass. According to research at Hippocrates all fresh young grass has similar growth, healing and rejuvenating qualities. That is why my livestock does well. I only feed grass and plant material. Absolutely no grain. But, I take it a step further here at Grassfed Farms.

In my quest to turn the farm into a production center for healthy food for my family and friends I found that in some parts of the world where it is difficult to grow grass they use a fodder system .  This is a method used to grow grass in a controlled environment by planting wheat or barley seeds in a tray then add water and control the light, temperature and humidity. This results in a thick mat of nutritious grass that grows to about six inches high in seven days.    

Our Fodder system produces grass year round. Grown hydroponiclsy in a controled inviornment. We feed it to cows, pigs and chickens. They all love it.
Our Fodder system produces grass year round. Grown hydroponiclsy in a controled inviornment. We feed it to cows, pigs and chickens. They all love it.

This young grass has the highest vitality and is rich in enzymes and growth hormones our bodies need. It really works well for us older folks because our bodies began to diminish the ability to produce growth hormones and enzymes as we age.  Our bodies supply of needed enzymes and hormones are enhanced when we eat raw produce according to Ann Wigmore.  In humans, according to Hippocrates two ounces of wheat grass juice is equal to eating about five pounds of raw vegetables.

So, I have concluded that if it is that good form  humans it must also be good for our livestock. If you come to Grassfed Farms first thing in the morning  you will see is us harvesting wheat grass and barley grass from our grow room and feeding it first to our cows, and then to our poultry and pigs.

Not only do we feed it to our livestock, we practice what we preach and drink it ourselves.

And guess what? You probably guessed it. The meat produced from our livestock is tender and tastes great. You can buy it direct from the farms. Just check out our store for pricing and how to order.

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