Farm Store

Buy Direct From Our Farm Store Thursday & Friday Each Week

View our price sheet then e-mail or call 404-3164679 to order!

Buy farm direct! Below is a repersentation of the inventory we currently have on hand. If you will e-mail us at we will send you, by return e-mail, an up-to-date inventory along with the selling price. It’s an Excel spreadsheet. When you populate the # pounds column it will calculate the price for each item you want. Just send it back and your order will be ready for pick up when you get here. The farm store is open by appointment Thursday and Friday of each week. So let us when you want to come.

Buying direct from the farm is a new experience for most people. We want to be responsive to our customers in every way and we also have a farm to manage and animals to care for so we must ask our customers to work with us to make the experience pleasant for everyone. When you come to the farm, expect an experience! Please don’t be in a hurry when you come because we want to spend time with you and take you around the farm and show you how we do things and why.



Current Store Inventory