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The animals at GrassFed Farms enjoy life on the farm.

We move animals from pasture to pasture several times a day to ensure they are eating only the most nutritious part of the plant and keeping away from the bottom of the grass where the parasites are.

We make sure the animals we select are well suited for our climate and genetically suited to grow and thrive on grass. And, most importantly, grow to maturity on grass and produce enough fat to give the taste, tenderness and flavor you want in a good steak.

Over the last fifty years commercial cows have been genetically selected for their large frame so that they can be finished on grain in feed lots. Cows are not all the same. It takes time to develop a heard that has the genetics that will give you a tender great tasting stake when finished on grass. We’ve work hard the last five years to achieve that goal. That’s why we put our money on the line and give you a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the meat you purchase from us we will give you your money back. Here is our guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your purchase just bring back the remaining portion in its originally unopened package and certify that the product has never been allow to thaw from its original frozen condition and we will give you a refund on those items.


The animals are peaceful.  A less stressed animal makes for better meat.

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Our pigs enjoy being pigs. Pigs are carefree happy animals. They enjoy their freedom to run about or just take a nap in the sunshine. At GrassFed Farms we give them plenty of space and let them enjoy being pigs in the woods. We give them the opportunity to eat as many acorns as they like. The really enjoy the acorns and it makes the meat taste great.


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Our hens leave their “Hen Hut” every morning when the light sensor opens the door and return to roost in the evening when the sensor closes the door for the evening. During the day they get their fill of bugs and grass and feed oh wholesome layer feed free choice. They help fertilize the pasture and keep our insect population under control so we don’t spray insecticides ever. What’s most important to you is that you get great tasting eggs.2014-10-02 17.03.04


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